How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Extra pounds stick around like unwanted houseguests, and we have all heard the “right” things to do to make them go. Exercise, go to the gym, sweat off those pounds, but like the shelves that need dusting, and the refrigerator that needs cleaning out, who has the time? Avoiding fad diets that can ruin your health and metabolism, here are some quick, easy ways to lose weight fast without exercise.

Put Down that Can, Man

Fizzy, cold and oh, so delicious- we love our sodas and carbonated drinks. While that afternoon can of cola might hit the spot and give us an energy boost, they are chock full of sugar (as many as ten teaspoons a can!), and calories. Many people have dropped weight successfully just by eliminating this common weight adding culprit. Substitute that soda for seltzer water with a splash of juice, or plain water spruced up with lemon or lime.

Listen to Mom, Eat Your Veggies!

Crunching carrots and broccoli like we were told by mom is rooted in good nutrition, and if you are trying to shed pounds fast without exercise, common sense. Vegetables are full of vitamins, and have low to no fat or calories. Most of the time, the crunch that we crave from chips or other fattening junk foods can be satisfied with a few celery stalks, or some carrots with a few tablespoons of hummus. Swap out those fried treats with some green leafy goodness and you will have no problem losing weight fast without exercise.

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Smaller Plate, Smaller Body

Losing weight is really all about tricking our brain into thinking that we are satisfied. A simple switch from a larger plate to a smaller one not only will cause us to have less room to load it up with food, but will give the illusion that there is more food on it than there actually is. Go get some eye catching plates that are half the size of dinner plates and make losing weight a pleasant experience.

Focus on Your Food

Idly popping candy into your mouth while watching the latest TV drama might be relaxing but before you know it, the bag is gone and you have consumed half of your days calories. Paying attention to what you eat might be the easiest way to lose weight fast without exercise. Turn off the TV, put down the magazine, take a deep breath and look at what is on your plate. Chew each bite slowly, and actually taste what you are putting in your mouth. Stop when you are full. These subtle cues are missed when we are enraptured by the TV, or engrossed in an article.

Losing weight fast without exercise is a simple matter of cutting calories in a clever way.

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